mod_proxy_http and jetty

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Sep 23 19:03:29 BST 2011

On 9/23/11 1:11 PM, "Russell Beall" <beall at> wrote:
>I am testing out the use of Jetty for shibboleth instead of Tomcat, with
>Apache in front.  I found that mod_proxy_ajp is prone to errors (in
>jetty) and the jetty documentation strongly recommends the use of HTTP

I find the Jetty docs, as Peter said, pretty bad in places. I don't know
if this is one of them. As software, it's fine, but there's a lot of
wading through bad info. Tomcat has the opposite problem.

Anyway, I run it alone, without Apache, and it's been pretty good so far.
The only glitch now is something I don't think Jetty is responsible for.

I would do some load testing with mod_proxy_ajp before giving up on that
way of doing it if you want to use Apache.

-- Scott

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