Could not resolve a key encryption credential for peer entity

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Sep 23 17:57:13 BST 2011

* Fong, Trevor <trevor.fong at> [2011-09-23 18:38]:
> In relying-party.xml, I've specified <AnonymousRelyingParty>, then
> <DefaultRelyingParty> and then <RelyingParty
> id=""> - is that the correct place to
> put it?  I tried specifying it before AnonymousRelyingParty and also
> between AnonymousRelyingParty and DefaultRelyingParty but the IdP
> didn't seem to like either situation and wouldn't start.

Yes, it's a sequence, cf. shibboleth-2.0-relying-party.xsd

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