login page w/ Social IDP options

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Thu Sep 22 17:18:32 BST 2011

* Liam Hoekenga <liamr at umich.edu> [2011-09-22 17:49]:
> I was talking to my boss, and he expressed a desire to update our login 
> page w/ options to log in using shib, or a number of social networks.  He 
> wants to preserve as much of the existing flow as possible.  (In a past 
> message where I'd talked about something similar, Scott had responded that 
> trying to "maintain the illusion" was a bad idea, and probably cause 
> problems in the long run).

Just to be sure, you (and/or your boss) did look at
https://spaces.internet2.edu/display/socialid/ (and it's many sub
pages) and the Internet2 mailing list of the same name?

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