IdP class not found exception

Richard Allen at
Sun Sep 18 20:47:30 BST 2011

Leif and Peter,

Thanks for the helpful advice and pointing out the Tomcat config guide.  I
switched to Tomcat 6 and placed the jars from the 'endorsed' directory in
$CATALINA_HOME/endorsed (for me /Library/Tomcat/endorsed) and the problem is

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 4:44 AM, Peter Schober
<peter.schober at>wrote:

> * Richard Allen < at> [2011-09-16 05:40]:
> > I deployed the WAR into a Tomcat 7.0 server and got the stacktrace
> > below on startup. After looking into the contents of the lib dir in
> > the WAR it appeared that the Xerces jars from the 'endorsed' folder
> > were not built into the jar so I stuffed them into the lib dir
> > manually and tried starting Tomcat again, but I got the same error.
> As Leif said, the endorsed jars need to be handled specially, which is
> described in the documentation:
> (First item in section "Required Configuration Changes")
> This mage is linked to as item 1. on the installation documentation:
> Also note that if you need to support SOAP requests (attribute
> queries, mosty) with that IdP -- however unlikely -- the page above
> also mentions that Tomcat7 is not supported yet.
> -peter
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