uApprove 2.3 RC1

Halm Reusser halm.reusser at
Fri Sep 16 18:59:44 BST 2011

Dear (prospective) uApprove deployers,

we rewrote the uApprove IdP extensions with the following main goals:

- Simplify installation, configuration and maintenance
- Simplify customization
- Refactor storage module which had some issues concerning race

Some of this code will be integrated into the IdPv3 then, therefore also
some new functionality is implemented:

- Relying Party blacklist/whitelist separate for the
   ToU and Attribute Release Module
- Optional ToU content comparing.
- Optional attribute value(s) comparing.
- Look and feel modernized.

Other functionality will be implemented  within further releases
(according to IdPv3 requirements).

The release candidate is available at:

The manual is contained in the zip file. See README.

Any testers are highly welcome!

Please send general questions and comments to aai at

For bug reports, please use our issue tracking at

Best regards and have a nice weekend,


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