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Fri Sep 16 08:12:33 BST 2011

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On 09/16/2011 05:39 AM, Richard Allen wrote:
> Hello Shibboleth community,
> My name is Rick and I am working on Meteor 4.0 for the National Student
> Clearinghouse.  We are in the process of building support for Shibboleth
> into Meteor 4.0.  So far I have built an IdP v2.3.3 and installed the SP
> v2.3.4 on Mac OS X 10.6.8.  I deployed the WAR into a Tomcat 7.0 server
> and got the stacktrace below on startup. After looking into the contents
> of the lib dir in the WAR it appeared that the Xerces jars from the
> 'endorsed' folder were not built into the jar so I stuffed them into the
> lib dir manually and tried starting Tomcat again, but I got the same
> error.  Has anyone seen this issue before or have an idea of what Xerces
> jars/versions I should be using besides the ones provided with your IdP
> build / download?
> Any help or insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
>  Also, thanks for posting the users group entries from the past, that
> was very helpful in getting this far, as was the extensive WIKI material...

The jars from the 'endorsed' dir need special care. See if your tomcat
has a subdirectory of lib called 'endorsed' and stick them there making
sure you don't duplicate stuff.

	Cheers Leif
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