Speaking of service-now...

Christopher Bongaarts cab at umn.edu
Wed Sep 14 17:55:16 BST 2011

Cantor, Scott wrote:
> I'm playing with that myself, and was curious how any schools using it
> with Shibboleth are preventing it from issuing requests to the IdP from
> within a frame. It seems to do that when its session is expired.

Sounds like what we saw when we were getting things up and running in 
test, when something would go wrong we got the "hall of mirrors" effect 
of infinitely nested frames.

> That won't work with Shibboleth if third party cookies are off. I'm
> contacting service-now to ask about that, but maybe somebody using it has
> a workaround?

I don't know if anyone ever tested timeouts, so it's likely we have the 
same problem there.  If it's SP/app timeouts at issue, we might have 
them turned off.

I might drop our local contacts a line to inquire about this (and 
encourage them to open a ticket as well if need be).

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