Automated IdP Installation

Aaron Roots aaron.roots at
Wed Sep 14 03:58:44 BST 2011

Would be very interested in something like this ending up in the formal
release. Have the same issue that the installer requires user confirmation
even if the values are provided in the are known to be
correct and your configuration is preexisting - seems unnecessary to keep
asking everytime. 

On 14/09/11 3:25 AM, "Nathan Mische" <nmische at> wrote:

>The problem is the build doesn't check for property existence before
>prompting the user for input. That is what I added to the build.
>Here is a typical change I made:
><input message="Where should the Shibboleth Identity Provider software
>be installed?" addproperty="idp.home.input"
><var name="idp.home" value="${idp.home.input}"/>
>  <isset property="idp.home.input" />
>  <then>
>     echo message="Installing the Shibboleth Identity Provider
>software to: ${idp.home.input}."/>
>  </then>
>  <else>
>    <input message="Where should the Shibboleth Identity Provider
>software be installed?" addproperty="idp.home.input"
>  </else>
><var name="idp.home" value="${idp.home.input}"/>
>On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 1:17 PM, Peter Schober
><peter.schober at> wrote:
>> * Nathan Mische <nmische at> [2011-09-13 19:10]:
>>> We are looking to automate our IdP setup, however we hit a snag with
>>> the installer's Ant build. The current Ant build requires input from
>>> the user. To get around this I've hacked up the Ant build such that if
>>> you define properties in the build no longer
>>> requires user input.
>> Couldn't you run `./ -propertyfile` without
>> requiring a patch?
>> Or define individual properties with `./ -Dfoo=bar` ?
>> -peter
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