Discovery Service and OrganizationDisplayName

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Sep 14 00:44:40 BST 2011

On 9/13/11 6:48 PM, "Dan McLaughlin" <dmclaughlin at>
>I was told duplicating the IdP metadata and changing the
>OrganizationDisplayName should work, but what I'm seeing is that the
>Discovery Service detects the duplicate entity and just overwrites the
>OrganizationDisplayName rather then create two entries in the
>drop-down list.
>Is this even possible without customizing the DS?

Your XML in particular is semi-invalid or at least unspecified. You can't
have multiple elements that are lang-tagged with the same language ID.
That's a general rule in SAML constructs of that sort.

-- Scott

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