Release IdP Kerberos Login Handler 1.0

Halm Reusser halm.reusser at
Mon Sep 12 21:25:01 BST 2011


the wiki page cleary said in a warning box (till September 1st):

*Work in progress*
This documentation is still work in progress. The Kerberos Login Handler
is not yet released.
You might want to watch this page for news. [1]

We are glad that you tested the pre-release versions and that it works
for you. Thank you for the feedback.

If you have suggestions or improvements according the
documentation/build/distribution of the Kerberos Login Handler, feel
free to change the wiki content and/or file a an issue/CR at

Best regards,



On 12.09.11 21:22, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> On 9/12/2011 1:13 PM, Halm Reusser wrote:
>> On 12.09.11 17:29, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>>> I understand, but the previous page had a pre-built jar file
>>> listed as version 1.0 from May: kerberos-login-handler-1.0.jar
>>> 209449 bytes, MD5=e23b65edcbc6542fdbf34d4aa8bbde90 That is the
>>> file I am using.
>> Although the filename states V 1.0, probably it isn't the version
>> of the V 1.0 release (if I take a look at the commit history). Till
>> the official announce of 1.0 (this thread) there wasn't an official
>> release.
> Well I got the jar file from one of your earlier web pages, some time
> between 5/17/11 and 6/09/11 and it was named
> kerberos-login-handler-1.0.jar, so the assumption is that it was the
> 1.0 to be released.
> The jar file had the examples. The jar plus the web pages was enough
> to get it working.  Previous I had the 0.6 version working with
> IdP-2.3.
> The doc/RELEASE.txt does say: Release Notes
> Kerberos Login Handler 1.0 (unreleased)
> - Initial release
> The main differences I can see are whitwspace in examples, and 2
> spelling changes in the examples. As the old jar did not have the
> source, I can't tell what else might have changed.
>>> The question is why don't you also supply the pre-built jar file
>>> as you had in the past?
>> It's not only the jar file. There are also the JSPs, the examples
>> etc.
>> If people have difficulties using subversion and maven, we will
>> think of creating a distribution package (zip file) containing
>> libs, JSPs etc. Is that your issue?
> No, I use SVN and maven with the X509-login-handler, just that you
> had previously release jar files for testing, so having to use svn
> seamed like a step backwards.
> I have now have the svn exported  and built and will try later
> today.
>> I don't suggest to upload a single jar file to the wiki.
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