Release IdP Kerberos Login Handler 1.0

Halm Reusser halm.reusser at
Mon Sep 12 19:13:42 BST 2011

On 12.09.11 17:29, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> I understand, but the previous page had a pre-built jar file listed
> as version 1.0 from May: kerberos-login-handler-1.0.jar 209449
> bytes, MD5=e23b65edcbc6542fdbf34d4aa8bbde90 That is the file I am
> using.

Although the filename states V 1.0, probably it isn't the version of the
V 1.0 release (if I take a look at the commit history). Till the
official announce of 1.0 (this thread) there wasn't an official release.

> The question is why don't you also supply the pre-built jar file as
> you had in the past?

It's not only the jar file. There are also the JSPs, the examples etc.
If people have difficulties using subversion and maven, we
will think of creating a distribution package (zip file) containing
libs, JSPs etc. Is that your issue?

I don't suggest to upload a single jar file to the wiki.


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