Release IdP Kerberos Login Handler 1.0

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Mon Sep 12 16:29:48 BST 2011

On 9/12/2011 3:10 AM, Halm Reusser wrote:
> On 09.09.11 22:56, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>> This page says to use svn and export it and build.  But it used to
>> say to downloaded kerberos-login-handler-1.0.jar file which I did on
>> 5/17.
>> So is the page right or wrong? Do I have to build or use just use
>> the jar.
>> It works well, nice work.
> Douglas, the *current* page says to export and build it.

I understand, but the previous page had a pre-built jar file listed as
version 1.0 from May:
209449 bytes, MD5=e23b65edcbc6542fdbf34d4aa8bbde90
That is the file I am using.

The question is why don't you also supply the pre-built jar file
as you had in the past?

> -Halm
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