Configuration of vt-ldap within DataConnector

Yuji Shinozaki ys2n at
Sat Sep 10 01:34:30 BST 2011

>  <LDAPProperty name="edu.vt.middleware.ldap.operationRetryExceptions" value="javax.naming.CommunicationException,javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException,javax.naming.TimeLimitExceededException" />

Thanks.  That makes more sense.  That syntax is unclear in the documentation.

> Are you sure this is what you want? An operation retry closes and reopens the connection, then presumably you'd get the same TimeLimitExceededException again. Note that LimitExceededException is ignored by the search result handler. So even if it occurs, you'll still get any results that were retrieved before the exception.

Ok. This may be a matter of upgrading our shib implementation (it is getting quite old) as the error is resulting in an attribute resolution error bubbling all the way up.  We are getting the time limit exceeded exceptions at irregular intervals, but with increasing frequency lately.  So i was hoping a  properly-spaced retry would workaround these brown-outs.  Our campus ldap admins have reassured us that they are throwing new hardware at the general problem, but of course that won't be for the proverbial "few weeks".

Thanks for the info. 


P.S. To Peter:  sorry about the threading faux pas:  I am dumb but not stupid:  I was certain that I cut and pasted my reply to a fresh new message, but apparently I was mistaken.  I just wish my mailer had better In-Reply-To controls.

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