Invalid SPNameQualifier for this request

James Bardin jbardin at
Fri Sep 9 21:29:18 BST 2011

Hi David,

>> We are receiving a 'Invalid SPNameQualifier for this request' status
>> value in our IdP process logs - any guidance on what could have
>> triggered this?
> This error is triggered from some kind of monitoring process at
> service-now.  It's really annoying and we've filed several bugs on it,
> but haven't seen a resolution yet.

On the ServiceNow side, you can just comment out
  // nid.setSPNameQualifier(serviceURL);
  // nameIdPolicy.setSPNameQualifier(serviceURLStr);

I don't know why they send it, but it's incorrect to specify an
SPNameQualifier with the same ID as the requester. I've asked them to
remove it too, with no response.


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