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I am spinning off a different thread about the configuration of the vt-ldap implementation of the ldap dataconnector to keep the noise down on the original thread.


How are the exceptions that are caught by the vt-ldap library specified in the configs?  The vt-ldap docs ( show them as being specified like so:

{CommunicationException, ServiceUnavailableException}

So, I am assuming that it assumes javax.naming.* classes.   Can you specify exception classes in other packages?  Also, is it simply an instanceof operation and can you specify and match on superclasses or interfaces?

Admittedly, these last two questions are academic, because I just need to retry on javax.naming.TimeLimitExceededException, so I am presuming I just need to specify it thusly:

<LDAPProperty name="edu.vt.middleware.ldap.operationRetryExceptions" value="{CommunicationException, ServiceUnavailableException, TimeLimitExceededException}" />

Does that sound right?


On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 4:18 PM, Yuji Shinozaki <ys2n at> wrote:

> So to be explicit about how these properties are specified in the configs, would the following configure the vt-ldap connector to retry failed connections three times with a wait of 300 ms between retries?
>    <resolver:DataConnector ... >
> 	...
>        <LDAPProperty name="edu.vt.middleware.ldap.operationRetry" value="3" />
>        <LDAPProperty name="edu.vt.middleware.ldap.operationRetryWait" value="300" />
>    </resolver:DataConnector>

On Sep 9, 2011, at 9:34 AM, Daniel Fisher wrote:

> Correct. Note that by default the only exceptions that trigger retries are CommunicationException and ServiceUnavailableException.
> --Daniel Fisher

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