IdP use of LDAP and connection pooling

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> >Did you set the prune timer period to some value below the expiration
> >time? One controls how often the pool is pruned, the other controls
> >whether a connection should be pruned.
> No, it's higher than the expiration period. The expiration is 5m and the
> timer is 15m.
So every 15m the pool will be checked for expired connections. At that time
any connections that have been inactive for at least 5m will be removed from
the pool.

> Each time it runs, I see one or two of the connections it's validating log
> a Communications Failure.
The validator is a separate, unrelated thread. I'm assuming the exception
you're seeing is thrown when the connection attempts to close? If so, that
can be ignored. Is the pool size what you expect after 15m?
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