IdP use of LDAP and connection pooling

Jim Fox fox at
Thu Sep 8 20:15:54 BST 2011

We don't turn on any of the validation options.  Looking at them now
the validatePeriodically looks like it might be useful.


On Thu, 8 Sep 2011, Cantor, Scott wrote:

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> Subject: Re: IdP use of LDAP and connection pooling
> On 9/8/11 3:02 PM, "Jim Fox" <fox at> wrote:
>> We use connection pooling for all our accesses to LDAP.  We use TLS, and
>> the overhead of starting up a new session on each query seemed excessive
>> to me.  Our openldap servers keep the sessions open all day.
> Are you using any of the validation options in the pooling element? I see
> the retry count defaults to 1 inside the vt-ldap code, so I'm sure no
> matter what I do, it's just going to drop the failed connection and retry.
> With some cases like that, the problem is if the closed connections hangs
> (very common with database pools) but these don't seem to.
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