anyone filtering based on EntityAttributes in metadata ?

Tom Scavo trscavo at
Fri Sep 2 22:53:44 BST 2011

(sorry for top posts, I'm mobile)

This is an extension, so consumers (like xmlsectool) are free to ignore it. I know that includes extension schema and perhaps it includes prefixes as well. In fact, I don't see how xmlsectool could know if the prefix is correct without the schema, so there ya go.


On Sep 2, 2011, at 5:08 PM, Steven Carmody <Steven_Carmody at> wrote:

> On 9/2/11 5:01 PM, Tom Scavo wrote:
>> Steven, are all namespace prefixes defined in metadata? Especially the attr prefix?
> xmlsectool is successfully validating my test metadata file. So yes, I'm 
> resonably confident that all the namespaces were correctly defined.
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