rangeli nepal rangeli.nepal at
Fri Sep 2 04:29:57 BST 2011

Good Evening Everybody,

I am trying to use SAML2HTTPPostSimpleSignRule. I see following log

 [BaseSAMLSimpleSignatureSecurityPolicyRule] HTTP request was not
signed via simple signature mechanism, skipping

I look at the,
I see following section of code. It seems this code is trying to get
data from request. I am under the impression that in Post binding
Signature is inside the mesage not outside as in redirect bining. If
that is true , how following code will work. I must be missing
Any elaboration will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

protected byte[] getSignature(HttpServletRequest request) throws
SecurityPolicyException {
       String signature = request.getParameter("Signature");
       if (DatatypeHelper.isEmpty(signature)) {
       return null;
       return Base64.decode(signature);

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