Transport confidentiality required, but not available

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Thu Sep 1 09:28:15 BST 2011

Do you own the IdP?

That does not look like a confidential transport to me...  [The SP believes] The IdP is configured in an insecure (& nonstandard)
way (it is more usual to see https:/....:8443/)

- Either the metadata does not reflect the IdP's configuration
- Or the IdP is configured incorrectly/insecurely.

You therefore need to fix your metadata, fix the IdP or as a final mechanism teach the SP that security doesn't matter.  I'm not
even going to research how to do the last since I assume you don't want that.


> From: users-bounces at [mailto:users-bounces at] On Behalf Of Pavan K
> Sent: 01 September 2011 01:08
> To: Shib Users
> Subject: Transport confidentiality required, but not available
> Hi All,
>I am testing shibboleth SP and IDP connectivity.Response is getting rendered on IDP but SP is not getting >any response. I found
following errors in the "shibd.log" file. 
>2011-08-31 16:56:00 ERROR Shibboleth.AttributeResolver.Query [1]: exception during SAML query to
> Transport >confidentiality required, but not
> 2011-08-31 16:56:00 ERROR Shibboleth.AttributeResolver.Query [1]: unable to obtain a SAML response from >attribute authority
>I tried to find the solution for transport confidentiality but no luck. Please help me to resolve this >issue.
>Thank you in Advance.

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