null principal in attribute resolver

Daniele Russo ruda76 at
Tue Nov 29 13:53:03 GMT 2011

Hello Paul, this error does not occur to any request to login and above only
in production environment.
I think you want to see the logs when this error occurs, or am I wrong?
Vuoi che seguo comunque le tue istruzioni?


2011/11/29 Paul Hethmon <paul.hethmon at>

>   You need to follow these steps if you want any meaningful help:
>  1. Shut down the idp
> 2. Clear all logs
> 3. Turn on the idp
> 4. Wait until the idp fully starts, check the process.log
> 5. Do one login
> 6. Shut down the idp
> 7. Post the process.log file starting with the very first authentication
> request
>  You can look at the process.log file at step 4 and note the last line in
> it. Post everything past that point.
>  Paul
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