Removing Certs from Metadata

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Mon Nov 28 13:57:40 GMT 2011

I suppose I may be misunderstanding something.
The issue I have is that we don't want to have the production certs sitting around in source control... or having developers have access to the production certs/metadata.

How would a production deployment happen then? I suppose we would deploy out application without the ipd metadata then manually add it after.

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> What are my options for removing the inline = X509Certificate from IDP
> metadata?
> I looked through the schema's and didn't notice any ways to load from file,
> or some other way so I don't have to use inline certs in metadata.

The trusted certificates in metadata are meant to be used in
cross-domain fashion so accessing them from the file system is not an
option. I think you're misunderstanding the uses of certificates in

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