LDAP value order

Manuel Haim haim at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Thu Nov 24 09:11:23 GMT 2011

Am 23.11.2011 18:34, schrieb Daniel Fisher:
> What use case do you have for attribute ordering?

Well, it's more a cosmetic issue... we have a user's ou field populated
with values in hierarchical order (so it's something like
[University,Institute,Department,Group]), and the mail field values are
in logical order (like [uid at domain,givenName.sn at domain]), and some other
fields contain values ordered by last change (i.e. last inserted).
Keeping the order from LDAP would result in a better understandable
overview of attributes e.g. in uApprove or in any other page which
displays attribute values.


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