Custom Base DN's for LDAP Authentication

Chad La Joie lajoie at
Tue Nov 22 13:42:47 GMT 2011

You can't.  The base DN is the highest node in the LDAP DIT from which
you begin searching.  By definition it doesn't change, nor would you
want it to since doing so would introduce security concerns.

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 23:35, K Hall <khkaufen at> wrote:
> If I want to adjust the base dn for searches based on each login criteria, how would I do that? For example, if I want to prefix a base dn with an ou=user02, based on how they came into the system, how could I do that?
> I'm using the ldaploginmodule and specifying the userFilter as uid={0}, but is there a way to do this for the baseDN?
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