Shib IdP 2.3.5 + ECP

Liam Hoekenga liamr at
Fri Nov 18 14:53:40 GMT 2011

Should the handler.xml and relying-party.xml that ship with the 2.3.5  
distribution already be configured to support ECP?

The docs in the wiki are based on the UW ECP extension that got  
absorbed into the IdP distribution..

With the ecp namespace changing from "ecp" to "saml" in  
relying-party.xml, and from "ecp" to "ph" in handler.xml, it kind of  
looks like it should just work.

I've got apache set up to handle the authentication, which it's  
doing.. but Shib is returning a SOAP error:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
<faultstring>An error occurred processing the request.</faultstring>

and the IdP log shows..

09:52:05.472 - DEBUG  
- shibboleth.HandlerManager: Looking up profile handler for request  
09:52:05.472 - DEBUG  
- shibboleth.HandlerManager: Located profile handler of the following  
type for the request path:  
09:52:05.474 - DEBUG  
[edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.idp.profile.saml2.SAML2ECPProfileHandler:271] - Decoding message with decoder binding  
09:52:05.474 - DEBUG  
[org.opensaml.saml2.binding.decoding.HandlerChainAwareHTTPSOAP11Decoder:60] -  
Beginning to decode message from inbound transport of type:
09:52:05.474 - DEBUG  
[org.opensaml.saml2.binding.decoding.HTTPSOAP11Decoder:122] -  
Unmarshalling SOAP message
09:52:05.474 - DEBUG  
[] - Parsing  
message stream into DOM document
09:52:05.637 - ERROR [org.opensaml.xml.parse.BasicParserPool:50] - XML  
Parsing Error
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file.

any ideas?


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