Problems with on IDP 2.3.5

Takeshi NISHIMURA takeshi at
Fri Nov 18 02:29:39 GMT 2011

Hi Keith,

If you are using Tomcat, there is servlet-api.jar in $CATALINA_HOME/lib/. You can use this instead, I think.

(2011/11/18 10:28), Keith Wessel wrote:
> Thanks, Scott.
> Turns out there's no servlet-api anything in the 2.3.5 distribution. In
> fact, I couldn't find one in 2.3.4, either. So, Nate, not sure what
> magic was making it work in that version... unless I'm missing
> something.
> But copying servlet-api-2.4.jar from my 2.1.5 installed version of the
> IDP into the IDP's lib dir did the trick! Things are working now.
> So, I guess the question of the hour is now what are you supposed to do
> to make this work if you're doing a fresh install instead of an upgrade
> and don't have an old version of the API jar to copy over? Not that I
> need to know that, just thought I'd ask the obvious.
> Thanks for the tip on this.
> Keith
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 12:10:33AM +0000, Cantor, Scott wrote:
>> Note that whatever you use will either work or give you an error, but
>> there's no risk factor. Nothing in lib has anything to do with the running
>> IdP software, so either the command will work or not, but no harm done.
>> -- Scott

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