Premature Login, and No peer endpoint

Karl Woelfer kwoelfer at
Thu Nov 17 18:47:52 GMT 2011



   I have been working through the instructions in

   Was not able to protect a random resource as recommended in Trying It Out

I could not find .htaccess file. I did implement the Apache configuration
directives and protected our /wiki Location.


   Pointing the browser at our site

I immediately go to a UW Net ID page - which is somewhat encouraging :^)


   It should however display our public website at this point, until the
user selects



SO when I do log in with my UW Net ID I get the following messages:



An error occurred while processing your request. 


This service requires cookies. Please ensure that they are enabled and try
your going back to your desired resource and trying to login again. 


Use of your browser's back button may cause specific errors that can be
resolved by going back to your desired resource and trying to login again. 


If this fails, contact help at or telephone 206-221-5000 for


Error Message: No peer endpoint available to which to send SAML response



This last message looks important, but I don't know how to interpret or

Can you please help.


Thanks !

- Karl

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