shibd leaves connections in CLOSE_WAIT state

Roland Tanner roland at
Mon Nov 14 20:36:47 GMT 2011

On 11/14/11 2:22 PM, "Roland Tanner" <roland at> wrote:
> I'm finding that over time the server quickly accumulates an increasing
> number of connections in CLOSE_WAIT state which never completely close.

On 11-11-14 02:56 PM, Cantor, Scott wrote:
> I would note that if you *run in prefork*, the SP is never going to work
> well anyway. Switching to a modern MPM *like prefork* will greatly reduce
> the connections and the churn and probably lessen the impact.
> -- Scott

Thanks Scott for quick reply. If it's a bug I can live with it, but I 
wasn't sure if I had just misconfigured something. Can I just ask for a 
bit of clarification on the last para? Do you mean 'switching to a 
modern MPM like Worker'. This server runs a few sites which are mainly 
written in PHP, which doesn't properly support the multi-thread MPM (a 
fairly major flaw in PHP, to say the least), so we may have no option 
but default Apache prefork, although I guess we could test to see how 
stable it is...


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