IdP 2.1.x hangs if the metadata provider drops connections

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Nov 11 15:41:46 GMT 2011


* Roberto Benedetti <r.benedetti at> [2011-11-11 15:36]:
> * would upgrading to a more recent IdP version solve the problem?

Metadata handling has been moved to its own thread so I'm pretty sure
that changes your failure scenario sufficiently.

> * is there any workaround we could apply (e.g. downloading metadata 
> files via a scheduled job and configuring the IdP for 
> "FilesystemMetadataProvider" ala' IdP-1.3)?

What's the big deal with upgrading? The work for doing the testing you
already did, with additional plumbing for a workaround seems to me
not less than upgrading the IdP itself. Which, btw, is the only way
to get rid of any and all known security issues affecting your

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