Upgrade to 2.3.4, Attribute Resolver problem

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu Nov 10 00:35:18 GMT 2011

On 11/9/11 11:52 AM, "Chad La Joie" <lajoie at itumi.biz> wrote:
>However, if you feel for certain that it's a Spring issue, just remove
>go in to the IdP's distribution lib directory and replace the Spring
>3.x jars with 2.x jars that shipped with the previous release of the
>IdP.  Then run the install script again to regenerate the WAR.  It's
>an easy enough test to run.

I will also note that I jumped to conclusions from the log, but my
resolver configuration worked fine with 2.3.4 installed over top of it. I
have a dozen or so data connectors, both JDBC and LDAP, and a mix of
scripted, mapped, template, and simple attribute defs.

-- Scott

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