Different Timeouts for public/private machines

Khanna, Sumit (khannast) khannast at UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Tue Nov 8 15:01:12 GMT 2011



I had a question about SSO timeouts. I realize the PreviousSession login
handler defined in the handler.xml is what allows for SSO, but I don't see a
lot of documentation on it other than this:




We're trying to implement different SSO timeouts. On the login.jsp page,
we'd like the user to be able to select from a radio button if they're on a
public or private computer (similar to Outlook Web Access) and define a 10
minute SSO timeout for public and an hour for private. Can I extend this
class and make a custom handler to include in a jar that provides this
functionality. Where would I go about starting. How is data passed from the
jsp, through the various Shibboleth layers to the Profile Handler? 




Sumit Khanna

Application Analyist 

EAI Team - University of Cincinnati 


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