Missing shibboleth-jce-1.1.0.jar in IdP 2.3.4

Takeshi NISHIMURA takeshi at nii.ac.jp
Fri Nov 4 10:50:38 GMT 2011

Thanks Chad,

I see. I found shibboleth-jce-1.1.0.jar in:

On 2011/11/04, at 18:55, Chad La Joie wrote:

> Yes.  That jar just had the Tomcat/Jetty "delegate to application"
> Java trust managers needed for the container's for the back-channel
> setup.  It does not containing anything directly necessary for the
> IdP.  So the JARs are now just linked from the Tomcat/Jetty
> preparation documentation in the install instructions.  So if you
> need, you can grab it, if not, you don't have it just sitting on your
> classpath.
> On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 04:09, Takeshi NISHIMURA <takeshi at nii.ac.jp> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I can't find shibboleth-jce-1.1.0.jar in shibboleth-identityprovider-2.3.4-bin.zip.
>> Is this intended?
>> Best regards,
>> Takeshi

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