Issues releasing Static Attributes with IdP 2.3.4

Chad La Joie lajoie at
Wed Nov 2 23:14:18 GMT 2011

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 18:01, Dan McLaughlin
<dmclaughlin at> wrote:
> Remember nothing has changed in the way we release static attributes,
> if I copy the config files back to 2.3.3 everything works.

Well, the static attribute definition since Feb 2010 and the simple
attribute definition hasn't changed since Dec 2007.

> BTW... I'm not sure what you mean by "tell an attribute definition
> that the attribute it is producing is its source", but I'm sure if I
> think about it some more it will come to me. ;)

Attribute definitions create IdP attributes with an ID that matches
the ID of the attribute definition.  So your attribute definition says
"Create an attribute whose ID is 'MyStaticAttribute' and use the
values of the attribute called 'MyStaticAttribute' as the source of
values for this new attribute.".  I have no idea what that will do.
Probably give you an attribute with no values.

Chad La Joie
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