Distiguishing between apps by URL parameter?

Kevin LaBarre Kevin.LaBarre at Assetworks.com
Wed Nov 2 15:00:24 GMT 2011

>From reading about others configurations I believe mine happens to be a little on the complex side.  We have multiple web-based applications (SAAS) designed using Oracle's Apex.  Each of these applications serve a customer, each with their own idP served from their own location.  The main issue I'm running into is that each of these applications have very similar URLs with the difference being in the parameter.  For instance:


These two URLs point to different applications.  The issue is that I cannot use the host, nor the rest of the URL to differentiate between applications for Shibboleth purposes.  I would appreciate any ideas in how I can make this work.  I have Shibboleth working with a single customer just fine, so I know I have the basics configured correctly.  Thanks in advance!

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