Shibboleth Identity Provider V4.0.0-beta2 available

Tom Zeller tzeller at
Wed Feb 26 17:12:32 EST 2020

The Shibboleth Project is pleased to announce the availability of the
second beta release of the V4.0.0 Identity Provider software. It is
now available from the download site in the usual form factors [1].
One small adjustment is that we don't believe a 32-bit Windows
installer is necessary at this point so we have provisionally removed
it going forward.

Release notes [2] are available in the wiki with links to the critical
material on installation and updated system requirements, which are
substantially revised for this version (e.g., Java 11 and only very
new container versions are supported).

Documentation work is ongoing and we will address issues with it as
they arise or as people find and report inaccuracies.

Note that third party plugins will absolutely need to be updated to be
compatible with this release due to various low level API changes.

A final note: an updated 2.0.0-beta2 release of the OIDC extension is
available and will be announced separately. We expect to be able to
deliver the final release of the OIDC extension along with the
eventual IdP release at the same time.

-- The Shibboleth Project


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