Shibboleth Identity Provider V3.0.0 Released

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Dec 22 10:53:48 EST 2014

The Shibboleth Project is pleased to announce the first official release 
of the third-generation Identity Provider software, V3.0.0, after more 
than 2 years of active development. A substantial redesign, this release 
includes a large number of new features along with a modernized 
architecture to support our activities moving forward. An informal list of 
new capabilities was noted on our mailing list. [1]

Thank you to the community members who have provided testing time and 
feedback over the last year, particularly Kaspar Brand of SWITCH and Nate 
Klingenstein of Internet2 for performance testing assistance.

The software is available in archive form for both Windows (zip) and 
non-Windows (tar.gz) platforms and via Windows installation packages for 
both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Java. [2]

Installation documentation and the configuration documentation we have 
been able to produce to date can be found in a new wiki space [3]. We will 
be working on the final reorganization of the documentation spaces in the 
near future.

We have some additional releases planned throughout the Spring and Summer 
to pick up bug fixes and add new features that slipped from this first 
version [4], and you can be assured of a very simple upgrade process going 
forward from any 3.x release.

Per our versioning policy [5], V2.4.3 of the IdP software has been 
transitioned to our previous stable release category.

While the End of Life date for the V2 Identity Provider product line has 
not been officially determined, it is under active discussion and the 
Consortium Board and Project team plan to make a decision and announce the 
EOL date by the end of March 2015. (Note that the Service Provider is 
independently versioned, and is not affected by that announcement.)


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