Due to frequent and unresolved problems with the OpenSUSE Build Service mirroring process, a workaround has been provided to produce the appropriate Yum repository configuration to access the OBS files directly instead of through the non-functional mirrors.

We are also in the process of establishing a set of mirrors for the files that over time we will try turn into a real distribution mechanism. If you are willing to host a mirror over an extended period of time, please contact us at contact@shibboleth.net so we can make arrangements to rsync the packages to your site. Our SSH key can be found here and the source address is associated with admin.shibboleth.net.

The total size of the packages is about 10.5GB and growing at a fairly slow rate.

In the meantime, choose a supported platform below and the appropriate Yum repository file will be generated for you to include in your configuration.

NOTE: If you experience issues, check the announcements on the OpenSUSE Build Service home page for any indications of an outage. In any event, the project doesn't host these packages and there is nothing we can do for you.

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