If you are interested in joining the Shibboleth Consortium please complete the form below and we'll contact you within two business days. If you are interested in donating to the Shibboleth Consortium, but not becoming a member, please use the Shibboleth Donation Form

This is NOT a registration form to use the software. Unless you are offering to help fund the project and the software's future development, please do not submit this form.

Again, if you are not offering money, please do NOT use this form. This not how you get the Shibboleth software.

Whilst Shibboleth is open-source software that may be used by anyone, by becoming a member of the Shibboleth Consortium you will directly help fund maintenance and continued development of the software, standardisation efforts, as well as provision of user support. You will also help the Shibboleth Consortium add more of the features requested by the community, whilst being able to influence direction and priorities.

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