The Shibboleth Consortium Board is comprised of a representative of each Principal Member, at least one representative of the other Members, and a representative of the developers. It is responsible for overall governance and technical direction, as well as appointing and supervising the Consortium Operator responsible for day-to-day administration. The Chair of the Board is rotated every six months.

Board Members

  • Steve Zoppi and Kevin Morooney - Internet2 representatives
  • Josh Howlett - Jisc representative
  • Ann Harding and Christoph Witzig - SWITCH representatives
  • Scott Cantor - Developer representative
  • Lalla Mantovani - Members' representative, GARR
  • Wolfgang Pempe - Members' representative, DFN-Verein

The Secretary of the Board and Consortium Manager is Justin Knight of Jisc. For any Consortium related queries please contact Justin on