Shibboleth is developed and used by people around the world, and there is a wide community of support available. This community contributes to the following resources:

Mailing Lists

The Shibboleth products are well supported through the community mailing lists, where you can expect to find a large range of discussions. Help and advice is provided by both the Shibboleth team and other users/

Shibboleth Wiki

The Shibboleth Wiki is the repository for all technical information about Shibboleth products. It covers the steps to follow to successfully implement Shibboleth

Feature & Bug Tracking

The Shibboleth team encourages developers and users to submit feature requests and bugs to the Shibboleth Issues web site. This also gives a more in-depth technical breakdown of all the projects currently being undertaken by the Shibboleth team.

Security Advisories

The security advisories document vulnerabilities as they are discovered, and which releases are affected. The Vulnerability matrices allow users to identify the issues that could affect their systems, and determine how urgent an upgrade is.


The roadmap describes the products planned and under development.

Commercial Support

Shibboleth is free to download and use, but if you would like to have a third-party consultant set-up and support your organization’s Shibboleth installation, please refer to the list of consultants.

Help Us Publicize!

If you're unable to help s financially by joining the consortium, we would appreciate you granting us permission to include you on a page listing users of our software. Indicate this using our form.