Uses of Class

Packages that use ProfileRequestContext
Interfaces and classes for profile actions, discrete units of behavior that make up a profile.
Implementations of general profile actions.
Functions for navigating profile context information.
Profile Criterion implementations.
First order logic predicates and functions used for working with profile request data.
Classes related to SAML binding operations.
Implementation of SAML binding-level functionality, such as MessageHandlers.
Classes supporting general SAML profile behavior.
Actions and classes common to both SAML versions.
Functions and predicates supporting common SAML profile behavior.
Classes for SAML metadata resolution.
Classes for retrieving, filtering, and querying metadata.
Classes for SAML 1.x profile behavior.
Implementations of SAML 1.x profile behavior.
Classes for SAML 2.0 profile behavior.
Implementations of SAML 2.0 profile behavior.
Profile actions related to SOAP 1.1.
Implementation of StorageService that unifies cookie and HTML Local Storage.