Interface X509Credential

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BasicX509Credential, KeyStoreX509CredentialAdapter, ServletRequestX509CredentialAdapter, X509KeyManagerX509CredentialAdapter

public interface X509Credential extends Credential
An entity credential based on key material and other information (e.g. certificates and certificate revocation lists) associated with X.509 Public Key Infrastructure. Note that this type of credential may not contain a symmetric (secret) key, and hence Credential.getSecretKey() should always return null.
  • Method Details

    • getEntityCertificate

      @Nonnull X509Certificate getEntityCertificate()
      Gets the public key certificate for the entity. The public key of this certificate will be the same key obtained from Credential.getPublicKey().
      the public key certificate for the entity
    • getEntityCertificateChain

      @Nonnull @Unmodifiable @NotLive Collection<X509Certificate> getEntityCertificateChain()
      Gets an immutable collection of certificates in the entity's trust chain. The entity certificate is contained within this list. No specific ordering of the certificates is guaranteed.
      entities certificate chain
    • getCRLs

      Gets a collection of CRLs associated with the credential.
      CRLs associated with the credential