Shibboleth Identity Provider 5.1.2 API

Root package for IdP, contains a couple base/utility classes.
Classes supporting administrative interface machinery.
Implementation classes for administrative profiles.
APIs related to the authentication of a subject.
Audit implementation classes.
Configuration touchpoints for authentication flows.
Functions for traversing authentication configurations.
Context classes for managing authentication-related state.
Implementation classes related to authentication contexts.
Functions for traversing authentication contexts.
Implementation of various authentication actions.
Classes supporting Java Principal usage.
Implementation of functionality related to Java Principals.
Classes implementing proxied authentication flows.
Predicates related to authentication.
Implementation of SPNEGO authentication flow.
Testing utility classes.
APIs for CAS attribute support.
Implementation classes for CAS attribute support.
CAS protocol audit implementations.
CAS protocol configuration implementations.
CAS protocol flow implementations.
APIs related to the CAS protocol.
APIs related to CAS proxies.
CAS protocol proxy implementations.
APIs related to CAS services.
CAS protocol service implementations.
CAS protocol session implementations.
APIs related to CAS tickets.
CAS protocol ticket implementations.
CAS protocol ticket serialization implementations.
Command line drivers and utilities.
Implementation classes for command line drivers and utilities.
Configuration implementation classes used internally.
Classed related to consent.
Classes implementing consent-specific audit log behavior.
Context classes related to consent flows.
Actions and flow descriptors related to attribute release consent.
Actions and flow descriptors related to consent.
Actions related to consent storage.
Predicates and functions related to attribute consent.
Storage and serialization classes related to attribute consent.
Classes available for installation.
Implementation classes for installation.
Classes for handling plugins.
IdP logging setup and management classes.
Implementation classes supporting code instrumentation.
APIs for representing units of IdP functionality as modules.
Administrative modules.
Authentication modules.
General modules.
Implementation classes supporting module system.
Interceptor modules.
Profile modules.
A set of APIs of general use in building IdP plugins.
Implementation classes for plugins.
Common APIs for handling profile requests.
Audit implementation classes.
Classes pertaining to IdP-specific request-time profile configuration options.
Functions to navigate into profile configuration information.
Context classes for IdP-specific information needed by profile actions.
Functions dealing with traversing and extracting data from profile request contexts.
Implementations of various profile actions.
Classes supporting profile interceptor machinery.
Implementation of a profile interceptor flow which executes other flows.
This is a legacy package and will be removed in V6.
Implementations of various message handlers.
IdP factory bean implementations.
Support classes for profile behavior.
Testing utility classes.
Classes implementing SAML-specific audit log behavior.
SAML-specific classes for integration with idp-authn-api packages.
Implementation classes supporting SAML-related Principal objects.
Testing utility classes for SAML implementation code.
Message handlers common to SAML 1 and SAML 2 processing.
Code for manipulating NameIDs and NameIdentifiers.
Implementation of SAML NameID and NameIdentifier generation and consumption.
Common APIs for SAML profile actions.
Functionality and base classes common to both SAML 1 and 2 profile configuration.
Implementations of SAML profile configuration interfaces.
Implementations of logic/conditional SAML profile configuration components.
Functions to navigate into profile configuration information.
Functions for navigating SAML profile context objects.
Actions common to SAML 1 and SAML 2 processing.
Legacy package for compatibility.
Testing utility classes for SAML profile code.
Implementation of SAML 1.x profile configurations.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 1 messages.
Profile configurations for SAML 2 profiles.
Implementatio of SAML 2.0 profile configurations.
Predicates related to SAML 2.0 profile configurations.
Functions to navigate into SAML 2 profile configuration information.
Profile processing actions related to SAML 2 messages.
Classes related to use of SAML with the session layer.
Implementation classes for SAML-specific session functionality.
APIs related to the construction and management of sessions.
Context classes for managing session-related state.
Functions for traversing session-related contexts.
Criterion classes for session lookup.
Implementations of session-related classes and interfaces.
Functions and Predicates related to the use of sessions.
Classes for extending, or supporting, Spring based configuration and object management.
Context classes for information needed by the UI.
APIs relating to cross-site request forgery mitigations.
Implementation classes for cross-site request forgery mitigation.
Helper classes for the UI.
Implementation classes for information needed by the UI.
Contains the code for the jsp taglibs.